As our elderly people tell, too much of anything is not good. With Air Conditioning Services Coral Springs This holds true with our air conditioners too. If you are of the thought that an oversized AC will do well for you, you are absolutely wrong. An oversized air conditioner will cause problems. Not only it will make your system less efficient but it will also increase your home’s energy consumption.

So, do you have an oversized AC at home? Let’s check here. We, as an experienced air conditioning services Coral Springs provider, have put together the two big red flags that tell you may have an oversized unit at your home. Read them:

Short Cycling:

Yes, it’s absolutely true that an oversized air conditioning system will cool your home faster. But, it’s to be noted that it has more cooling capacity than the size of your home. Therefore, whenever it cools down the house, it will shut off. The problem here is if an AC unit turns off and on so often and for such shorter periods of time, it is not good. This phenomenon, which is called short cycling, will be more destructive to the AC’s motors and fans. It will lead to frequent repairs and thereby, shorter lifespan of the unit.

Excessive Humidity:

In addition to the above-mentioned problems, short cycling will also cause improper dehumidification of the air. It’s because the shorter run times won’t allow the unit to pull a sufficient amount of ambient air across the AC coils for removing enough moisture from the atmosphere. Yes, of course, it will cool, but the air would feel too humid. Besides causing discomfort, the humid air will also lead to mold and rust issues. Healthwise, it will also trigger asthma.

In summary, if you find that your unit turns off and on very often and if you feel that the air too humid to tolerate, talk to our experts and schedule for air conditioning services Coral Springs to identify if you are having an oversized unit. If yes, our experts will also help you size the unit appropriately for your needs.

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