Coral Springs AC Installation and Airconditioning Repair


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Coral Springs AC Installation and Airconditioning Repair


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Why Choose Coral Springs Pride AC?

We are proud to say that Coral Springs Pride AC Repair & Installation Company is offering quality air conditioning, heating, as well as indoor air quality services to residential and commercial customers in and around Coral Springs area. Being an experienced air conditioning company, we are well aware that frustrations tend to develop, especially when your ac system malfunctions. Our Coral Springs AC Installation is completed by our certified HVAC repair contractors. With our expertise in the “cool industry” we can help you choose a newer, more efficient AC unit to best suit your budget. We are partners with the best HVAC brands in the industry 

Coral Springs AC Repair
Coral Springs AC Repair
Coral Springs AC Installation
Coral Springs AC Installation

Choose a Professional Air Conditioning Company for Coral Springs AC Installation


Although there are several local HVAC Companies in Coral Springs you would be hard pressed to find reliable AC services. With us it is different, we are committed to efficient and affordable residential and commercial HVAC services. As an AC Repair and AC Installation Company we will be there for our customers when they need us! Unlike several other Air Conditioning Companies out there, we actually have real human beings. They handle all of our calls instead of robots and answering machines.

Our knowledgeable experts will answer any questions you may have, finding solutions for your air conditioning, as well as heating issues. Coral Springs AC Installation’s commitment to quality and excellence is unwavering. The company’s commitment to excellent air conditioning service is bar none. Let us show you why and how we take pride in what we do. Call us today.

Excellent Customer Support

In addition to providing a wide range of air conditioning and heating repair services, you can rely on us for excellent customer support. At Coral Springs Pride AC air conditioning repair company we are well-aware that customers are the backbone of success. For us, your satisfaction is our sole priority, therefore we are very serious about the following: 

  • Customer-focused attitude
  • Quality workmanship with skilled technicians
  • Emergency services
  • Maintenance plans to avoid/prevent HVAC issues before they even start

Why Do You Need A Professional Air Conditioning Repair Company in Coral Springs?

You know it’s time to call in an HVAC expert when your AC system starts blowing warm or starts to smell a little musky. This is your home were talking about after all and no body likes a warm and musky home, especially is you have little kiddos running around. If this problem is not addressed ASAP, you will most likely be damaging your AC unit until it is beyond repair. At this point your will have to spend some extra cash on installation a brand new system. Please reach out and have us send out a HVAC tech to for any air conditioning repair needs in Coral Springs. 

Coral Springs Pride AC has the experience and HVAC expertise to handle local ac repairs and ac installation. For all shapes and sizes, without having to break the bank. Let us make you cool again by giving us a call to schedule a free air conditioning repair, installation or maintenance quote in Coral Springs.

Our experience in the world of HVAC is vast and affordable. We cover all aspects of AC Repair including:


  • AC condensers
  • AC compressors
  • Swamp/evaporative coolers
  • Evaporator coils
  • Air handlers
  • Evaporator coils
  • Ductless and mini-split systems
  • Zoned systems
  • High SEER, high-efficiency options
  • Air conditioning tune-ups (highly recommended!)
  • The latest in smart thermostat technology
  • Air conditioning filters
Coral Springs AC Installation

Coral Springs Airconditioning Maintenance Services


At Coral Springs Pride AC, we believe that the best way to prevent the unexpected air conditioning equipment from breaking down is following a regular HVAC maintenance schedule. Therefore, we offer various maintenance plans that help you save your AC system and keep it running optimally. Remember, the periodic check-ups would help us identify problems while they are still small, thereby, enabling us to make repairs over time rather than going for new equipment when it’s urgent. Thus, you can save on your air conditioner replacement cost.
All our preventive maintenance services would include a precision tune-up along with a professional cleaning. Call us today to sign up for an air conditioning equipment maintenance plan today!

Meet our Expert Coral Springs AC Installation & Repair Technicians


Our talented AC installation & AC repair technicians play a pivotal role in the success of our business.  Which is why we treat them with pride…no pun intended. Highly trained HVAC air conditioning  technicians in Coral Springs are very hard to come by. This is why we spend a lot of time and money making sure that they become expertly trained to consistently provide an excellent customer service experience. Because of this, they have expertise in repairing all major brands of air conditioning equipment. All of our technicians undergo continual training so that we can have the edge in the market. You can depend on our expert team, whether it’s installing a new HVAC system in a home, office, or commercial building. So, if you are in the Coral Springs area and are wondering whether there are any “reliable air conditioner repair companies near me”, know that Coral Springs Pride AC has come to your rescue.

We Take Pride In Being Reliable

At Coral Springs Pride AC, we totally understand that whenever there is a call for air conditioning or heating repairs, time will be of the essence. This is why our service technicians are trained and dispatched to respond promptly to each and every service call. If you have an emergency repair outside of regular business hours, don’t worry! We are offering a 24/7 coverage. Rest assured our technicians will be there on your doorsteps whenever you need us, no matter what.

Coral Springs AC Installation

Guaranteed Service With A Smile

Coral Springs Pride AC makes use of the high-quality products to make sure your indoor air quality is clean and fresh. In short, we guarantee that each and every service provided by us will be of top-notch quality every time you hire us. We have a track record to back us up and a name that we are very proud of. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the ac service that one of our HVAC contractors has provided,.just call!  

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